what is the thrive difference?

quality over quantity

We believe in using only premium grade ingredients that render the highest bioavailability (nutritional content) possible. It’s not the cheapest way to manufacture a supplement, but through our passion and commitment to quality, it’s our belief that we can achieve better results that ultimately lead to loyal and happy customers.

the secret sauce

We don’t buy into fancy ingredients or “ingredients of the month”. Instead, we build customized formulas that are proprietary to THRIVE by Le-Vel. These proprietary blends are the “secret sauce” that makes THRIVE unique and never duplicated. People often ask, “What are the active ingredients in your formulas?” The answer? All of them—they work synergistically to equal the powerhouse outcome of each THRIVE product!


We use technology-driven applications and delivery systems with our premium grade nutrition and powerhouse formulas—our Wearable Nutrition DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) is just one example. These high-end delivery systems help maximize the nutritional uptake and provide maximum nutrition to the body. If you’re not absorbing the vitamins and supplements you’re taking, then what’s the point?


Our whole philosophy around nutritional supplementation is to address the root cause, and not put a “bandaid” on the matter. Have you ever thought about why so many people are more exhausted than ever, or don’t manage their weight properly? Have you ever considered the root cause could be that people on average are living day in and day out with nutritional gaps and deficiencies? We live in a nutrient deficient, microwave society that deprives our bodies of needed nutrition due to the foods we eat, and our fast-paced lifestyles. So, what can we do about it?

The intent of THRIVE is to help fill in these nutritional gaps and deficiencies, by giving the body
premium grade nutrition. We believe if the body has the nutrition (or fuel) it needs, it will be able
to operate at a much higher level. That’s why THRIVE was formulated to offer these benefits:

weight management+
cognitive performance+
healthy joint function+
calms general discomfort+
lean muscle support+
digestive immune support+
age defying antioxidant support+

THRIVE is simple & fun, and after all the research is said and done, one giant reason
why THRIVE is different—IT FLAT OUT WORKS! But don’t take our word for it...